Regex Match Tracer (v2.1.5)

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Regular Expression Compose and Test Tool.


     Regex Match Tracer is a visual assistant to help you to write, test and debug your regex, it is especially good at long and complex regex. Regex Match Tracer makes your regex easy and clear and efficient. It has many features.

  1. The regex is displayed in tree structure, regex text is colorized.
  2. Every match result is recorded with detailed positions of groups and elapesed time.
  3. You can test one part of your long regex.
  4. You can set a start position to debug from.
  5. Advanced regex syntax supported such as recursive pattern.
  6. Text clips is used to save any temporary string, regex or text, drag from or to any other editors.
  7. Snapshot of regex, you can add a snapshot as a intermediate result.

Program User Interface

    This chapter introduces the function of each window and menu item.

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    Download from download page.

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Regex Match Tracer - v3.0

   A new version of Regex Match Tracer with new features, which can tell you where in your regex failed to match. See details.