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DEELX Basic Pattern Syntax

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DEELX supports Perl compatible regular expression syntax. The basic patterns in DEELX are the same as it in most engines.


Common characters
     Alphas, numbers, the underscore and punctuations with no special definition are "common chars".

Simple escaped characters
     Some nonprinting characters which we know.

Quoted characters (\Q...\E)
     Quote (disable) pattern metacharacters from \Q till \E.

Character sets
     Can match any one but only one character of a certain set of characters.

Custom defined character sets
     Use square [ ] to define a custom character set.

Repeat quantifier
     Make another expression repeat matching many times.

Character boundary
     A condition of the position, does not match any character.

Alternative expressions
     Use "|" to separate expressions, match any one and only one of them.

     Use bracket ( ) to enclose sub-expressions into a single element.

Named group
     Name a group, then get what captured through the name.

Backward reference
     Refer to what a certain group captured. © 2005 - All Rights Reserved