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DEELX Basic Pattern Syntax: Custom Defined Set

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Custom Defined Character Set [ ]

Use square [ ] to define a set, then this set can match any one of the characters.

Use [^ ] to define a negative set, then can match any one out of the contained characters.


Special defined characters, when they are contained into character set, will lose their meanings.

Standard character sets can be added into custom character set.
For example: [\d.\-+] can match one of ( 0-9 . - + )

Use minus "-" to define a range.
For example: [\dA-Fa-f], can match one of ( 0 - 9, A - F, a - f )

POSIX character set can be contained into set [ ].

Even IGNORECASE mode, character sets are case sensitive. Refer to Match Mode for more. © 2005 - All Rights Reserved