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DEELX Basic Pattern Syntax: Character Sets

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Character Sets

Can match any one but only one character of a certain set of characters.


Standard sets in DEELX:




The dot can match any single character except the new-line(\n)


Can match any one of alphas, numbers, and the underscore


Capital W, can match any one character out of "\w"


Can match space, new-line, return etc, any space characters


Capital S, can match any one character out of "\s"


Can match any digital number, 0~9


Capital D, can match any one character out of 0~9


POSIX, match any alpha, A~Z, a~z


Negative POSIX, can match any one character out of "[:alpha:]"

If the match mode is SINGLELINE,  the dot can match any character including new-line. Refer to Match Modes for more details.

POSIX sets supported by DEELX:




Any one alpha, number (A - Z, a - z, 0 - 9)


Any one alpha (A - Z, a - z)


Any ASCII character (\x00 - \x7F)


Any control character (\x00 - \x1F, \x7F)


Any one digital number (0 - 9)


Any one printable ASCII (\x20 - \x7E)


Any space character (\x09 - \x0D, \x20)


Any printable ASCII, excluding space (\x21 - \x7E)


Any one lowercase alpha (a - z)


Any printable ASCII, excluding [:alnum:]


Any one uppercase alpha (A - Z)


Any hex number (0 - 9, A - F, a - f)


Space or tab (\x20, \x09)

If [: is followed by ^ , it is the negative form. © 2005 - All Rights Reserved