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Research project of RegExLab.


DEELX is easy to use. The whole DEELX is coded using template, so there is no cpp or lib. All the DEELX source code is in a single header file (deelx.h). You need not to create a project for DEELX, nor add any cpp or lib. When runs, no special dll file is needed.

  1. CRegexpT Template Class
    1. constructor
    2. Compile
    3. MatchExact
    4. Match
    5. GetNamedGroupNumber
    6. PrepareMatch
    7. Replace
    8. ReleaseContext
    9. ReleaseString
  2. MatchResult Class
    1. IsMatched
    2. GetStart
    3. GetEnd
    4. GetGroupStart
    5. GetGroupEnd
    6. MaxGroupNumber
  3. CContext Class

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